Cheat NS Ninja Saga Christmas 2012 The Rise of Kagemusa

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hack event the rise of  kagemusa, all in shop ninja saga feature, you have full damage and god mode for mission, if you FREE usher get EMBLEM + token free so you will use mission christmas emblem usher. and get material district 3 seal scrol, for pet shikachristmas you need district 2 seal scrol + kari gumi honor badge, how to get kari gumi honor badge : this reward for ninja who helped karigumi. 
Cheat Christmas 2012 The Rise of Kagemusa Ninja Saga how to use :

-Download  Fiddler 
-Alternatif  Download File Swf
1. Download fiddler and swf below
2. Open fiddler and darg file swf to fiddler
3. Clear cache browse and open ninja saga
4. Go to shop
5. If you FREE usher Buy EMBLEM + 2K for mission christmas (emblem usher)
6. Buy ten tails jinchurichi mod (god mode) for easy mission

Tutorial Video Cheat Christmas 2012

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