Cheat Castle Ville Terbaru Get Dragons, Unicorns

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There are some players of Castleville who already owns some rare or unreleased in-game animals like horses, zebras, golden goose, and even dragons! Not to mention that some of them also have witches and teleportation stones on their castle’s yard. If you still haven’t seen these items on your friends’ kingdom, that’s because only very few players know of these cheats. If you would like to learn it, read on.
The image above shows some of the unreleased animals that you can get when you use this hack. You can either keep them or sell them for lots of coins. The golden duck alone sells for 17,000 coins. Sweet huh? So how can you get them? Read on.
Because this hack is not very well known, we would like to keep it that way. Therefore, not everyone will be able to download this. If we give this to just about anybody, everyone will be using it and this might cause problem to all of us in the form of Zynga patching the hack and it will no longer be usable in the very near future. So in order to control the users who knows of this hack we will be lock the download below with surveys. If you really want to use this hack then do a short survey. If not then that is fine. There are still a few nice Castleville cheats here on our site that you can get your hands on.
The Download below contains instructions and video on how to go about the hack.

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