Cheat Castle Ville Terbaru Item And Energy Desember 2011

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Greetings! We know that the most sought after Castleville cheats is probably the Energy cheat. Everyone need lots of energy in order to play well in any “Ville” game from Zynga. Castleville is not exempted. Just recently we posted a Castleville cheat that lets you have unreleased items and animals like Horses, Unicords, golden goose and even Dragons! Check it out HERE. Now however, we discovered another cheat that could give you tons of energy and other valuable items in-game. Read on.
So this cheat will be possible if you use the previous cheat that we taught you on the previous post. With this cheat, you need to buy a backpack for 1 Crown. You can’t buy the backpack if you won’t use the previous cheat. When you open the backpack, you will get lots of energy and consumable items that are not easy to acquire. Check out the image below.
1 Small Energy Potion (3 energy) , 1 Energy Potion (5 energy), 1 Medium Energy Potion (7 energy), 1 Big Energy Potion (10 energy), 1 Huge Energy Potion (30 energy)
From 1 Backpack chest, you will get 55 energy
Other items from Backpack chest:
Love potionSuper Grow3,000Fishing BaitDiamondRubyExploration CrystalCollection BoxFertilizerGloom Goblin PotionGloom Rat PotionGloom Thief PotionGloom Wolf PotionHyper CraftLove PotionSuper ChopSuper ClobberSword
Remember, it will cost you 1 Crown to buy 1 Backpack chest. It’s really worth it. For just 1 crown you will have 55 energy and all the items above. For 10 crowns you’ll have 550 energy and all the items above multiplied by ten! Cool huh? So how do you use this?
2. Follow the instructions on the tutorial and use the code below to get the backpack.
3. CODE: ExplorationChest_01

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