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Kode Curang Game PS2
Deafeting Venom
All you have to do is vault over him and hit him from behind. Do that a couple of times then the suit starts to break apart. Then you have to keep hitting him with combos then the suit starts to break apart more. Then you have to wait till the action button comes up then hit it do this a couple of times and you should defeat him.

Meteorite And Spider Emblem Giveaway
After you have completed the story mode part of the game, there will be two missions where you will have to collect 50 Spider Emblems for a surprise bonus, and a mission to collect 100 Meteorite Fragments for another surprise bonus. They will be both fairly challenging, though collecting the Meteorite Fragments is easier. But both will involve finding them scattered all throughout New York City. If you find it hard all you have to do is follow a sound that first goes at high volume, and second goes lower volume. Sometimes you may get confused with other sounds, or have a hard time following the sound. Although there is a small challenge in this, you will have to get close enough to the object to hear the sound! But you'll find them easier this way. Hint: Meteorite Fragments are usually on high building tops with some kind of section(s) to it. And they have a fairly large distance between each other. And Spider Emblems are mostly located on unsuspected sides of buildings.

Unlimited Hero Points
Play through the game and take every boss's photo, and whatever gang members you want, but leave at least one. After beating story mode get any remaining pictures you haven't taken, and you'll get around 15 points. Save your game and reset your PS2. Load your game and you should hear and see the Villain Photo complete and gain another 15 hero points. Send them, save, and restart the process as much as needed.

No Timer
On the mission "Family Reunion", drop into the water while carrying Morbius across the bridge you will respawn and the timer will be gone.

Black Suit
The Black Suit gets harder to take off each time you put it on. For instance: First; you only have to press 2 buttons (Spider Man grabs his head), then; you have to press 4 (He grabs his head harder), Finally (as far as I know) you have to keep pressing triangle (Spidey jumps up and punches the ground and a crater forms). Note: Villains won't attack when you're transforming to the normal suit

Easiest Lizard Picture
Once you're in the tube thing and you can see lizard, don't go too far, press the up directional button, and take his pic.

Easy Picture
Tap web attack, which covers the enemy's eyes. Then snap your photo. (May not work on bosses.)

Play As Venom
While focusing on completing the game, have you ever notices those purple shaped meteorites? They don't only give you some experience, but if you collect all 100 you can play as venom. If you don't have the Cheat menu, or can't find it, then collect the 100 meteorites scattered all around New York!

Unlock Sandman
Collect 50 Spider emblems.

Unlock the Black Suit
Collect 50 spider emblems to get the black suit.

Rival Gang Unlockable
Chose a game-patrol mission (Apocalypse, Dragon Tail, H-bombers, or Waste Trime) and defeat all of the marked territories with matching logos, earning 3 experience points.

20 EXP Points
Its easy and simple. Just take pics of every single boss and enemy.

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